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Bridge Funding

You will find that when the banks say, "NO", we really do find a way to get it done.

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that can help all types of businesses.

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● Automotive Aftermarket 

● Freight & Movers  

● Retail Stores 

● Restaurants  

● Physicians & Dentists  

● Contractors & Remodeling 
● Service Providers

● Medical  

● Gas Stations & Convenience Stores 

● Salons & Spas  

● Landscaping

Employee Tax Credit Refund Program


The Federal government has set aside over 1 trillion dollars to fund an Employee Tax Credit Refund Program.  It is different from the PPP or any other Covid19 pandemic programs. Even if you received money from other programs related to the pandemic, you can still receive money from this program, if you had one or more hourly or salaried employees during 2020 or 2021. 

This program could return to you between $5,000 to $26,000 per employee. 


It is not a loan.  You do not have to pay it back.  You can use the money for whatever purpose you choose.  You do not have to pay taxes on this money.  IT COSTS NOTHING TO APPLY.  It is like FREE MONEY for your business!

Because of the complexity of this program, I am partnering with Lasiter & Lasiter, a large Midwestern CPA firm, that specializes in the program.  They know this program better than any group with whom I have spoken.  


Click                   to open an informative 6-minute video that explains the program in more detail. 


After watching the video, if you decide that you would like to get the process started and see if your business qualifies, click                   and follow the directions.


$1,000 to $2,000,000

Simple Application

FAST Approval & Funding

No Collateral Required

Minimum 6-months in Business

Click                                for more information.

PLUS We Offer.....


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A Personal Word About our



Everyone in business knows that the economy is getting bad.  Most expect a full-blown recession in 2023.  Unless your business is in a strong cash position, you are probably looking at some challenging days ahead. 


Any number of things could pop-up that will need more operating capital.  It may be a problem or it may be an opportunity.  Either way, getting the cash could be a challenge, particularly if you need it sooner than later.


Currently, banks are turning down nearly 80% of business loan applications.  Most traditional lenders will require collateral.  Or you can consider mortgaging your home, if you have equity in it.  Obviously, you will need time to prepare the paperwork and for the underwriting to be completed.  Then you still may be turned-down.


Our Operating Capital & Line of Credit Programs do not require collateral.  Because the criteria for underwriting is more lenient, based primarily upon your business's monthly income, the rate charged may be higher than a traditional lender and the repayment schedule will be shorter; usually 3-24 months. 


A lower FICO score can be worked around and even a bankruptcy, if it has been discharged by the court.   Plus another strategic advantage, the funding does not show up on your personal or business credit report.


We can get self-employed sole-proprietors funded, as well as LLCs and privately-owned corporations.  Your company's monthly cash flow is the primary determining factor as to how much will be funded.  However, FUNDING IS FAST.  As soon as you sign your funding agreement electronically, your funds are wired immediately to your business account.  You can use the money for whatever the need, i.e. INVENTORY, EQUIPMENT, PAYROLL, ETC. 

There is NO APPLICATION FEE, so submit your funding request with appropriate information and receive a funding proposal.  You are not obligated to take it.  IF THE BENEFIT OF THE MONEY, EXCEEDS THE COST OF THE MONEY....TAKE THE OFFER.  In other words, if the funds will enable you to make more money or keep your business and grow, it is a good business decision.   

Best regards,

Bill Sauer


Business Funding Services is a subsiderary of Target Marketing, LLC located @ 1621 Central Ave., Cheyenne, WY  82001
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